Dinner AI

Constantly learning, Dinner AI answers "What's for dinner?" so you don't have to.

Recipe GPT

RecipeGPT ensures that Dinnerfy has the right collection of the best recipes.

Grocery GPT

Your grocery list is sorted, easy to edit & share and ready to go when you are.
Share Recipe
Dinnerfy is a community. Sharing is what we do.
Delivery Integration
Save even more time with integrated Instacart grocery delivery.
Diet Controls
Set your restrictions and goals to stay on track - effortlessly.
Calendar mode
One great tool with two fun interfaces to choose from.
Cooking History
It's easy to see your menu history.
Swipe to choose
It doesn't get any simpler (or fun) to tweak your menu.
Cuisine Selection
Update your taste preferences any time.
Text upload
Add a favorite recipe to your RecipeBox by typing (or talking).
Shopping Mode
Never forget your grocery list again (or to buy something that was on it).
Favorite Recipes
Flag your favorites to get your Dinnerfeed just right.
Link upload
Add a favorite recipe to your RecipeBox by pasting a link.
Recipe Replace
Not in the mood for that recipe? Replace it easily with a swipe and a tap.
Ratings and Review
Coming Soon!!
Help Dinnerfy give you (and everyone else) more of the "good stuff".
Follow other members
Coming Soon!!
There's wisdom in the community - tap into it.
Image upload
Coming Soon!!
Add a favorite recipe to your RecipeBox by taking a photo of it.
Family Collaboration
Coming Soon!!
Get some help (and buy-in) answering "What's for dinner?"